Phone Shaker/Phone Swing Pro

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Walk Every Second When You are Busy at Something Else! 


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  • 30 day money-back guarantee, try it risk-free
  • Compatible with most Apps that require walking to earn the rewards. Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Achievement, Runtopia, etc
  • Extra large cradle suitable for all size smartphones under 7.2 in
  • High speed ball bearing + high tech base design
  • Capable of swinging two phones at same time!
  • Ultra silent, provide a quiet peaceful environment
  • Made of premium materials. 2+ year use-life

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How to Work with Pokemon Go?

  1. Make sure adventure sync is enable. Remember, if you update game, or log out of game and then log back in, adventure sync gets turned off! If you use Android, download GoogleFit to get best results. 
  2. Exit and force stop Pokemon Go (do not put the game in the background). Place the phone in the cradle and start it "walking".
  3. After meeting your goal, stop the "walker" and open Pokemon Go to register the distance.


Portable Size & Walk in Silence

Order This Excellent Shaker to Set Your Life Free.

Portable phone shaker comes with a handy size. You are able to carry it with you wherever you travel to. In addition, it provides you a quiet environment with its silent swing. You can relax and do something else while you won't be disturbed at all. Smartphones will be safely tied with the premium rubber band. Let the phone shaker get the job done!

No Time to Do the Tedious Work?

You can still be the very BEST!